collection of AI generated music and cover art.
exploration of AI tools brought me to music generating neural networks where one can stylize any recording into something else. these are early experimentations using RAVEjs model developed by Antoine Caillon.
RAVEjs model trained on a custom techno dataset synthesized with songs of various genres. you're hearing raw AI outputs where each input has been translated to techno without further adjustments.
the artwork has been generated using midjourney and disco diffusion AI tools.

neural fvckery album

techno_oblivion after 1,000,000 steps in training

As the techno model is in continuous training, the most recent outputs will be posted between the training session. Primarily with the goal to study differences before and after adversarial training and the amount of artifacts (noise) you hear within the tracks.

techno_oblivion after 1,250,000 steps in training

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