The Zhenru Subcenter proposal is designed to establish a genuine mixed cultural destination, where culture and nature are the foundational elements of the concept. The project emphasizes an urban greenbelt, enhanced by water features that traverse the site, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty within the urban fabric. Aimed at fostering innovation, the Zhenru Subcenter serves as a nurturing ground for young professionals in the creative and innovative sectors.
At Jerde, our team is committed to crafting vibrant experiences by integrating nature, technology, and architectural form. We have conducted an in-depth analysis of the site's characteristics and historical context to develop compelling proposals that enhance public engagement. Through the use of sophisticated diagrams, we have distilled overarching concepts into detailed plans, meticulously brought to life through drafting and 3D modeling. Our approach ensures a thoughtful and impactful design that resonates with the community and promotes a dynamic urban environment.
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